This has to be one of the most embarrassing times for the England rugby circuit. Sam Burgess, who plays forward for the England rugby league, is facing a possible two game ban for what he did on the field, when the team was playing against Melbourne Storm.

Burgess has been accused of grabbing Will Chambers between the legs and injuring him during the later part of the game.

This move, often termed as the squirrel grip, is illegal in any rugby match, and if the charges against Burgess are found to be true, then he will face a ban from two next upcoming games. But a proper investigation needs to be planned before any verdict is dictated, as neither the referee nor the commentators caught anything on the field. It was later found in the game footage, and officials are going to look in to the matter.

In other England rugby news, Coach Stuart Lancaster really has a vision this time for the team, and he wants England to come up as the rugby champions of the world.

And when asked what his tactics were going to be, he replied that first and foremost, he wants the team to get rest. The season has ended quite a while back, and the players of the England rugby team need loads of rest, before they can start training again for the next upcoming event.

Lancaster’s basic approach is that, move aside any obstacle that the players might face, and give them the opportunity to shine on the field. And he does not prefer over working players. The scenario in England and its rugby clubs right now is such that, there are huge squads, and rotations can be more frequent, so that players are not called forth to play over and over again till they burn out.