Nick Easter Alters From Rugby Champ To Wimbledon Coach Hours Later

Post the very celestial feel of scoring 1st England try during the match against Italy, Nick Easter happily cherished his return to grass-roots rugby, even though it got him gild ribbing from Wimbledin Rugby.

The 36 year old has been joining up the playing duties at Harlequins along with his role of the head coach for Wimbledon- the regional league that belongs to 6th tier of England rugby.

Easter’s achievement as oldest try-scorer at 5 or 6 Nations championship wasn’t lost out on his team during training session- as he got an off day from the England duty.

“I’m not exactly sure whether he is actually comfortable with this label of oldest English rugby player to come up with a try & the boys here have been joking that how old Nick looked on tally & it had possibly added more stones to Easter’s profile”, stated Stefano D’Anna, the director of Wimbledon rugby.

“But it’s quite a thrilling story & couldn’t have happened with a nicer fellow. Easter carries amazing bonds with the 1st & 2nd team squad. The man is really well grounded & hasn’t forgotten that why he was into the game. Nick loves his sport, relishes the banter & craic. He might have well pulled on his England shirt yet the guys here still jokes with him- it’s because he has given them this candid liberty but then there is no question of disrespect or getting beyond the limit.”

Since Nick accepted Stefano’s invitation to coach Wimbledon in May 2014, which was the club’s 150th anniversary, Easter’s presence has been really significant & swift for the club- even after the surprise recall from English rugby team in January 2015, post 4 years in international wilderness.