England Rugby Team In Australia

Rugby between England and Australia is always interesting not only for the matches but for the underlying rivalry and fires that are set which lead to interesting incidents on and off the field.

For instance, Eddie Jones, the coach of England, has been building the aggression levels of his team and utilizing the same to their advantage. However, it can get out of hand as well which can lead to disadvantages like getting key players disqualified. Joe Marler has been one such instance who has been warned by the Rugby Union for having abused the former Wallabies coach on Twitter. There have been other interesting incidents as well. For instance, Michael Cheika, the coach of Australian team, felt that the tourists have resorted to off ball tactics that are questionable that occurred during the series opening match in Brisbane.

England had utilized certain techniques which resulted in their win in the series opening match. The coach of Wallabies team felt that the tactics they used were questionable but it was not to be denied that they won that match and the boys of the Australian team need to sit up and take notice so that they can learn from their defeat and be better prepared next time. The defeat came at 39-28 which was an astounding victory for the English team. This time their coach is definitely looking at using the win as an advantage to keep the sprits up to a competitive edge for the team. Cheika, the Australian coach, felt that England got away by opting for uncanny tactics on the field but the main test lies in using physical power and team work to get the better of the other team. Jones, who maintains a stone like face and expression for his team and the public, stated that they had been physical as required and there had not been any questionable tactics employed by the England team.