The England Rugby team has never for once been beaten by their Italian counterparts.

They two teams have met a total of 23 times and Italy went away defeated 23 times as well.

The Six Nations Championship game played this weekend saw the Italians once again beaten by the rampaging English, to a 36-15 scoreline. The game however saw Italy employ some controversial tactics which may change a lot of things in the rugby world.

A ruck is normally formed after a rugby player has been tackled. The usefulness of this ruck is that some players from both sides come together, pushing against one another and trying to pry the ball out of their opponent’s possession and retain hold of the ball.

As soon as a ruck is formed, open play stops and players are not to cross the opponent’s half of the formed ruck. The tackled player who begins the ruck is usually able to better control the ball and pass it back to his teammates.

In this game, Italy simply refused to ruck at all. Once they tackled the ball carriers for England, they simply got up, letting their players continue playing. This meant that Defenders for the Italian side were able to hold camp behind English lines and the play went on without resetting.

At halftime, the Italian Rugby team was in a 10-5 lead but ended up losing the game after three tries propelled their English counterparts forward. The tactics employed by Italy was enraging and both players and coach alike were not left out.

Eddie Jones, coach of the England team fired at the Italian side saying that what they did was “not rugby.” He also asked spectators to request for their money back.

“If you paid for a ticket you should ask for your money back. You haven’t seen a game of rugby,” he said.