England Rugby Team

Au contraire to the last decade, the England rugby team will be led by the youth brigade, the representatives of this generation. There is a buzz about the England rugby team after a long dry season.

The main names chanted by the crowds are 22 year old Manu Tuilagi and 21 year old Owen Farrell. They have proved the age old myth of getting wizened players from south to win a tournament false with their recently kick started careers in the England rugby teams and their plethora of achievements.

Experts are opining that this season might relaunch George Ford’s career. Generally overshadowed by Toby Flood at Leicester, he will be able to showcase his talent at the recreation ground. He gets the first claims to the NO. 10 tee shirt before Tom Heathcore of Scotland.

The England rugby team winning the Rugby World cup would be a turning event in the history of English rugby. Nigel Wood, the RFL Chief Executive has his fingers crossed since this even can add on to England’s success in the Olympic and Para Olympic Games held last year and also draw the attention of the UK viewers and audiences in a similar manner if not more. Wigan star Charnley was quoted saying that,” England need success in the tournament to make people across the country take notice”.

Fourteen nations are expected to take part in the event starting this October, 26 when the England rugby team faces the Australian rugby team at the Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. England is to host 20 of the total 28 matches and the host cities shall include London, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Bristol. The final shall be held at old Trafford in Manchester. Charnley seems confident that England has an upper hand in this event as most of the matches will be held on home grounds.