Jones Changing English Rugby Culture

The head coach of the England rugby team Edie Jones is on his way to change the culture of English rugby and he is doing it in his own style and way.

Jones recently had an interview session at an unusual place and that was the Pennyhill Park base located in Bagshot in Surrey. Jones regards this as one of the best facilities to train for a national side and he is happy that England is the team making use of these facilities.

Jones feels that the only other team in the world with such great world class training facilities will be the Wales. He said that he has reworked on this facility and have taken out a lot of things. The things inside the facility have been simplified now. He has made it into a functional one and is looking to come out with stairs to run up on the outside. There is also a wrestling arena included in the facility in order to better the breakdown work.

Jones said that he is happy to make a few changes in order to improve the rugby culture among the players. He is thinking on a different scale than his predecessor Stuart Lancaster and loves to cultivate a culture within the team members. Jones has been instrumental in changing the mentality of the national side and they are prepared mentally well to play any game.

He believes that togetherness, passion and emotion are very important in a sport like rugby as it is a team sport. He wants his players to gel together and to spend quality time with each other both on and off the field in order to develop a good rapport on the playing arena. Jones is pretty clear on one thing and that is culture. He believes that this will work well for the England rugby union team.